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About Amy


Amy Harkin is a marketing professional with over a decade of experience in product development, direct-to-consumer sales and brand marketing. Specializing in the parent/child category, Amy also has extensive experience in the fashion and travel categories. Having worked with a variety of different companies and clients, Amy excels at honing in on specific client needs and objectives.  


Amy is a RIVA-trained professional moderator and facilitator with special expertise in consumer goods, (children & adults), fashion (women & men), and travel & leisure categories.


With eight years of experience in management with a Fortune 500 CPG company, combined with two years with a Top 5 travel provider and five years of owning and operating a direct-to-consumer marketing and sales platform, Amy is adept at helping companies develop and implement marketing strategies. From initial consumer research to product development to go-to-market strategies, Amy offers a wealth of experience to help bring your product offering, branding and positioning to life.